What does your logo say about you?


Your logo is the first presentation of your business.

Don’t be fooled by “1 hour logos” and “build it yourself” apps. No respectable logo takes just minutes to create and logo apps are severely limited. Neither will provide a logo with multiple formatting options, high quality and originality.

Logos are perhaps the most important visual aspect of any organization.  Brand recognition is business 101 and many companies can be named just by seeing their logo. It’s important to take this process seriously, consider the message you wish to deliver and choose the right designer to create it.

I Can Help

That’s where I come in.  I work with you, help convey the message you wish to visualize and then bring that idea to life.
I make sure to deliver top quality logos with several important features.

Some of these features include:

Customized & Tailored

Using information provided through a questionnaire, your logo will be fully customized and tailored to your specific needs.

High Quality

I use high DPI levels to create a crystal clear logo that shines without pixelization.

Smart Colors

Unless otherwise requested, your logo's colors will reflect on your business type and style. Color combos are well thought out and will always match.

Different Versions

Sometimes a black monotone logo works better on certain items. I provide black and white versions of your logo, giving you a wider range of uses.

Multiple Formats

Different uses require different formats. I always deliver multiple formats to cover these different logo uses.

Various Sizes

Want to use your logo on something big? Or maybe something small? I provide small, medium and large sized copies, suitable for various uses.

Logo design services

New Logo

For people who need an entirely new logo. Made from scratch and tailored to your needs, this option will give you that bold new brand your organization needs.

Logo Remastering

Whether it’s needing a newer, updated look or maybe it’s just too pixelated. I can make the necessary changes to your existing logo and make it shine once again.

Logo Formatting

Need your existing logo in a different format? Or maybe it’s just too small and you’d like it bigger? I can make those changes.

What my clients say

The logo's style, color and feel captures exactly what I was going for!


Exceeded my expectations! And the extra logo copies you gave make it really easy to use.



How long does it take?

This depends widely on many factors: which logo service you’re going with, how detailed it needs to be, how many revisions need to be made, how quickly we communicate, etc.


Most logo projects take anywhere from one week to one month, but no project is the same.


Once we establish exactly what it is you’re looking for, a more accurate estimate can be given.

What if I don't like it?

This is a fair question, as making it clear what you want can be a difficult task.

Many clients have no clue what they’re looking for, while others have an exact image in mind. In any case, it’s always hard for them to express to a designer just exactly what they want. Communication is definitely key, and the logo’s detail will depend on what information the client gives me.

If desired, I have a logo questionnaire that can be filled out, giving us both a better understanding. I will also always describe what I’m doing, either with a simple sketch or with words.

Rest assured, you will always have a chance to change details before I’m ultimately finished.

T-shirts, embroidering, business cards, digital icons, etc. There are several things you can do with a logo.


The various file formats and sizes that I make of your logo will cater to these needs.


When you visit a printing (or similar) service, you’ll find that they will commonly ask for PDF, PNG, and/or sometimes TIFF formatted copies of your logo. All you have to do is give them a copy of said format.


If, for whatever reason, they ask for something that I haven’t provided, I can easily make a copy of whatever is requested.

Can I pay after it's done?

Due to many issues with this idea in the past, I require payments to be made up front.


Any additional work is done in the same manner.

How much will it cost?

This is another question that can only be answered with estimates. Every project I work on ranges heavily in detail. Each one takes a different amount of time, effort and communication.

If you want a simple logo, consisting of one or two letters, you can expect it to be much cheaper than a badge logo with a large amount of detail.

With that being said, I always give an estimate before I actually begin the work, making sure it’s an agreeable price range, giving you no surprises.

What exactly will I get?

When I’m finished with your logo, I always provide a few different file variations upon delivery.

Copies in PNG, JPEG, PDF & TIFF formats are my standard collection when I deliver your files. I make small, medium and large sizes for PNG & JPEG and depending on the logo, I will sometimes include black and white variants.

These are all typically included without request. Of course, I can always do much more if it’s something that’s requested. However, please note that anything additional will result in more time and therefore, an addition to the project’s final price.

Can I pay in cash / check?

I work remotely and these forms of payment always present a problem, therefore I do not accept cash or checks.


However, I do take many forms of digital payments. Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, etc.


Feel free to contact me with any payment questions you might have.

Will you work for free if ___?



This is a skill that I’ve worked hard at for years, it’s also a main source of income for me and I take it seriously. I expect my clients to do the same.


I pay my bills with money, not Instagram likes.

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